Wat Ek Phnom Temple(ប្រាសាទឯកភ្នំ)

Wat Ek Phnom Temple locates 14km far from Battambang Provincial town. This temple was built in AD 1027, during the reign of king Suryavarman I. There are 18 Banyan trees around the temple. Outside the temple to the south, there was a moat that is now a pond.


Kamping Puoy lake(អាងកំពីងពួយ)

Kamping Puoy is a reservoir located about 30km from Battambang. The trip to Kamping Puoy is part of the attraction as it passes through some stunning countryside. There are some of food and drink stalls for you to have a rest once arrive at the reservoir, it is also possible to take a boat on the lake and visit some of the Cambodian people who live in stilt houses. The reservoir was built by the Khmer Rouge in one of their schemes and thousands of people died during its construction. It is popular with locals at the weekend to have picnics here.

Phnom Sampov Mountain(ភ្នំសំពៅ)

Phnom Sampov is a natural and historical site located along National Road 57 about 12km from the provincial town. Atop 100-meter-high mountain stands a pagoda and three natural carves: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla cave is full of uprooted stones and is considered important because it is where Phnom Sampov residents come to celebrate after a marriage.

Wat Somroung Knong (វត្តសំរោងក្នុង)

It’s one of the oldest pagodas in Battambang Province, approximately 5.77 km from Battambang Provincial Hall. It was built in 1707 by Mr. Thudong Chey. Read more of this post

Wat Damrey Sor

Wat Damrey Sor Pagoda is located along the street number 3 in Battambang city. Damrey Sor Pagoda has a huge sanctuary built from precious wood along the gable, window, door, and column carved in with complex relief, bas-relief, and carved relief during Battambang lord era in 1904. Inside the sanctuary premises, there are several Buddha statue and a hermitage worshiped as a popular swearing for locals in this city.

Wat Kampheng

locates on the street 3, opposite of Samdech Ouv High School. It is about 105 years old in the reign of King Sisovath, which was built of Khmer identical relief. In the campus, there has a building for keeping the Buddha s ashes and national heritage. On the previous day the monastery was established on the street 3 and after that it was dismantalled to the present place and known that it was rebuilt in the aim of making easy to the Buddhists for making  ceremonies.

Wat Choeng

Wat Choeng Pagoda is an old pagoda located in Doun-Try village, Chrey commune, Moung Reussey district.